Who is the human behind this account? Well, I’m a college student who is realizing that though I am told now is the time that I should be finding all the answers, instead I’m just coming up with a growing list of questions. I don’t set out to fill these posts with revolutionary words delivered by eloquent language (I’m a STEM major, after all), nor will I claim in them that I have found one of those elusive so-called “answers” (mostly because as of now I remain unconvinced that these fabled answers even exist). The original idea here, put simply, is to read great books and use this blog to reflect and document what I take away from them in a loosely structured stream-of-consciousness-esque manner (though who knows, some other posts like movie reviews might sneak on here too). For a more detailed account of what this “book journey” of mine entails, you can click on over here. And if you aren’t particularly interested in what I have to say about the books I’m reading and would rather read them yourself, you can find an ever-changing ranked list of the best books ever written here. I wish you the best of luck on your own journey to figure out what the mysterious something is that “Knowers” know, whatever that journey may look like, and I welcome you to join me and follow along on mine if it so strikes your fancy.