For centuries, human minds have debated every subject imaginable. We study mathematics and sciences, philosophies and religions, hoping to find… something. Answers, perhaps. Or the path to happiness, or peace. We look within ourselves hoping to find something beyond ourselves. Unfortunately, this introspection rarely leaves us at the same conclusion as others, leading to conflict spanning from the age old questions of ethics, to the more modern debates over how to address climate change, or poverty. I’d like to think, though, that even within this world consisting of questions that only lead to more questions, there must exist some higher truths to be found. How else are we to explain thoughts and ideas that resonate with people not only across the world but also across the eras? Writing has the power to leave a person feeling enlightened, or uplifted, or repulsed, or afraid, or simply ravenous for more. Each piece of writing touches each person differently, and I think it is worthwhile to see how the same works that have touched millions of other lives can touch mine. So I set out on my journey to read the greatest books from the greatest minds, in the hopes that maybe I will be left with the something that I’m looking for, even if I don’t yet know what it is.

What is that something? What is it that Knowers know?


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